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Business purpose:

To adapt to the market, to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises, make enterprise benefit, customer interests, the interests of employees of organic combination, do a customer identity brand, let the social identity of the enterprise.

Family culture:

Love the staff of enterprises, enterprise staff-澳门太阳集团2007网站, let employees grow with the company.

Quality culture:

Quality is life, the product is the character, only through quality, to win customer recognition.

Hospitality culture:

Sincere, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, win-win.

System culture:

No rule without Cheng Fangyuan, everyone must comply with-大阳城贵宾会登录 the company's system.

Management culture:

Behavior criterion is the company's general manager xinruncheng behavior criterion, the Department Manager behavior is a department of code of conduct, as a leader, to be fair, to take the lead.

Human culture:

Win people by virtue, for the only place. Others culture: people-oriented, to respect the people, guide the subordinates should, first learn to behave, to learn to do.

Work culture:

To be on the wrong things, to judge right and wrong-澳门太阳赌城集团, in fact according to speak.

Management basis:

To ISO9001 quality management system as the basis, establish the systematic management of enterprises.

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