History of Online Casino Slots

Slots have been here since 115 years ago. Slots have always been mechanized and apparently far from having been once “ancient” much less “primitive,” because they’ve just been around for more than a century.

Online casino slots are among the most updated casino devices today. Casino operators are always on the look out for new online slot software to guard against possible manipulation of its digitized sequencing and to keep up with the trend. Online slot features get better and simpler each time.

To get to how online casino slots began, we have to look at how manual machine slots started. Back in the late 1800s the first manual and mechanized slots appeared in the gambling scene offering candy bars and cigarette packs at stake. Pulling levers then were getting to be popular. Pulled levers were used in manual type writers, fridge lever knobs, safe boxes, and cash registers.

The idea in manual slots was simple—drop a coin, pull the lever, and hope to get identical images on the small window when the reels stopped. But as the levers were pulled by the amused patrons, the levers wore out. Soon, the machines were breaking down and cheats started to tamper with the mechanism. Operators saw that metal springs, reels, and plates were tough only at the start but wears out with use. And it was hard to make them tamper-proof. Moreover, they took months to manufacture.

Then Benjamin Franklin came into the picture when he discovered how to tap electricity. Soon, slots were automated by electricity in the 1930s. They were not manual devices anymore. Coins were dropped and a button pushed to trigger the motorized reels. Some still used levers to switch on the motored reels—to preserve the lever-look.

With the coming of computers, slotting took a big turn. Casinos were revolutionized by taking in the new digitized trend. But something was lacking: we still had to travel to a casino to enjoy computerized slots. Then the inevitable happened. When the Web was developed and every online facility for a fully operational online casino was ready, online casino slots were born. The idea of online casinos was a hit worldwide. We play casino-style slots right in the comforts of home, complete with online credit card facilities, graphics, chat features, online slot tips and strategies, and many more.

Online casino slots have come a long way from manual levers to electric motorized reels to PC slots, and to its present form.